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roller skatings' voice in the stars..

Very few skaters will ever hold a place in our hearts like Lucija Mlinarič from Slovenia did, and will continue to do so eternally. This touching tribute captures Lucija in a way that personifies the true competitor she was, right until the end, doing what she loved and excelled at, figure skating.

Her performances were always a highlight at every world event she contested and her voice was forever present as the Athlete's Representative for World Skate. A voice that will be irreplaceable.

Enjoy this beautiful performance by the courageous and spirited Lucija, and may she be fondly remembered as Skating's angel. We will always miss you my friend.

Link to video on youtube [here]

From World Skate:

Renown Artistic Skater and former World Skate Athletes’ Representative Lucija Mlinaric tragically passes away at 32 after a long battle with cancer.

Born in Šempeter (Slovenia) on 20 August 1987, Lucija developed a passion for Artistic Skating and her determination, innate elegance and strength definitely shaped her into a formidable athlete. On July 2013, at only 26, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Adamantly, Lucija refused to let her illness put a stop to her career: after only a week after being diagnosed, she attended the World Games in Cali (Colombia), and after just a year from her breast surgery, she won the title of European Champion during the European Artistic Championships in Roccaraso. “This time I did not participate with the aim of winning or doing a perfect performance”, she commented light-heartedly after her win. “I just wanted to skate and do what I love”.

Photo by Raniero Corbelletti.

In total, she won 22 medals in European and World Championships, a force to be reckoned with.

She was also elected World Skate Athletes’ Representative in 2013, a perfect fit for her open-hearted, caring and friendly nature.

In this moment of sorrow, we can all take solace in her talent, great achievements and, above all, her resilience.

Goodbye, Lucija. You will be missed.

Article in full by World Skate [here]

A cherished moment in 2014 in Italy with Lucija. RIP you beautiful soul.

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