On the stage...



Written by Kylie Trounson

Directed by Clare Watson

Performed by Luke Mullins, Katherine Tonkin

Chris Ryan, Belinda McClory and Susie Dee

Sound Design by Kelly Ryall

Lighting Design by Richard Vabre

Set & Costume Design by Micka Agosta

Dramaturgy by Eamon Flack

Composer/Sound Designer by Kelly Ryall


It’s 1985. Jesse is king of the roller-rink….but he’s yearning for something more. He knows there’s something deeper, a better way to be alive. The new girl in town, Harriet, intrigues him with her naïve Marxism, whilst Wolf, the rink’s DJ Lothario, throws down the gauntlet for skating glory. When Jesse discovers nihilism, he sets out to create his masterpiece for the National Artistic Rollerskating Championships. As the 80s bleed into the 90s, big events reverberate in little hearts and everyone is looking for a way out. Like Spandau Ballet, will Jesse go for Gold or like Visage, Fade to Grey? Can Jesse stay true? And who is the Man with the September Face?

Love, Death, Communism and Spandau Ballet... a bittersweet, suburban roller-drama with heart(ache).

SKATERS: Jayson Sutcliffe (body double for lead character Luke Mullins) with Melanie Van Dyk and Chantelle Caroll-Fava performing to Spandau Ballet's - 'GOLD'. 


Presented By: FULL TILT at the Arts Centre in association with Uninvited Guests


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