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A selection of articles in the press over the years starting from circa 2010.
There have been many others prior and will be updated over time. 

TaleFlick Discovery Winner Gets Optioned by Studio

February 26, 2020 by Tale Flick Staff

Australian roller skating legend Jayson Sutcliffe, the author of autobiography Rolaboi: Renegade Skater, tells us about his experience with TaleFlick, winning the TaleFlick Discovery contest, and becoming optioned by Fortune Films.


Jayson Sutcliffe: Rolling with the Punches

Feb 10, 2020 by FilmInk Staff

​After a long journey, the world champion roller-skater has just had his autobiography and life events optioned by a Hollywood producer.

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TaleFlick Partners With HarperCollins to Highlight Books for Films, TV 

FEB 13, 2020 by Brent Lang

​“Rolaboi,” the winner of the first TaleFlick Discovery contest, has already been optioned by Caspar von Winterfeldt’s Fortune Films. The book is the autobiography of Jayson Sutcliffe, a world roller skating champion who has to come to terms with his sexuality. 


Rollerboy - A Life On Wheels

June 15, 2011 by Michael Simms

​FILMINK spoke with former roller-skating World Champion turned filmmaker Jayson Sutcliffe about his stirring autobiographical documentary ‘Rollerboy’.

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JUNE 16, 2011 by Richard Kuipers

“Strictly Roller Skating” would make an apt alternate title for “Rollerboy,” an entertaining if overlong portrait of former world roller-skating champion Jayson Sutcliffe. Co-directed by Sutcliffe and Polly Watkins, docu recounts his life story from childhood in ’70s Melbourne suburbia to retirement in 2005...

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Rollerboy Jayson Sutcliffe carpeted for rolling up in character

June 09, 2011 by Daily Telegraph

HE was the star of Wednesday's Sydney Film Festival opening night - winning more plaudits than Cate Blanchett - but after skating down the red carpet at the State Theatre, Rollerboy Jayson Sutcliffe was rolled right outta there by security.

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'Skater boy swaps silver suit for silver screen'

June 8, 2011 by Clare Morgan

​AS a world champion roller skater, Jayson Sutcliffe became as famous for his flamboyant costumes as for his fluent moves on the rink. He will shine again tonight when he dons a silver body suit to walk the red carpet for the opening of the Sydney Film Festival. He might even outshine Cate Blanchett, who will be there as the star of the opening-night film, Hanna.

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