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Chattanooga roller skate company makes millions during pandemic..

byTravis Cummings

(video interview in full [here] on 3WRCBtv

After falling out of touch with her hobby, in January 2019, 25-year-old Adrienne Cooper got her skates back out and used them to spark a career.

A 25-year-old in Chattanooga has turned what is a unique pastime for many people into a way of life.

Pictured: Adrienne Cooper - Moonlight Roller Creator & Founder

Adrienne Cooper, a mother and veteran, garnered the attention of more than 43 states and across the world in months with her skating company, Moonlight Roller.

The brand raked in at least $3 million since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cooper said her interest in roller skating began when she was a little girl.

 “Whenever I was growing up, roller skating wasn’t a cool thing to do. However, my birthday was still at a roller skating rink,” Cooper said.

“The skates like sold out overnight and I was like OMG we have to have employees to sell these skates.”

Cooper’s hopes that her contribution to “Roller Revival,” the name for the resurgence of roller skating as a pastime, she will inspire the people reflective of who she is and what she embodies.

Moonlight Roller - Moon Boot

“Inspiring to Black women, inspiring to veterans, inspiring to women in general. They can do something that people think is a niche and maybe one day it’ll blow up” she said.

Moonlight Roller will host its first Moonlight X Mobile event since the pandemic on Oct. 31st at The Signal in Downtown Chattanooga.

The Company is expected to release new styles this fall.

Full article and video [here]


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