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Channel Tres Announces New Mixtape, Drops New Song ‘Skate Depot’

Channel Tres has announced a new mixtape called I Can’t Go Outside. The Compton artist has also previewed the project with its lead single, ‘Skate Depot’, alongside an accompanying music video directed by Mancy Gant. The track takes its name from the Cerritos, California skating rink where the artist had his first job but was fired two weeks later due to his poor skating skills. Watch Channel Tres roller skate around Los Angeles in the clip below.

No release date for I Can’t Go Outside has yet been revealed, but the mixtape will be released on Channel Tres’ own Art for Their Good label. Last summer, he dropped his Black Moses EP. Since then, he’s guested on projects by DisclosureSG Lewis, and Danny Brown.

Link to article in full [here]

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I’ve been making my own skateboards for fun since around 1978. These days I make “vertical layup” longboards from discarded hardwood furniture I find on the curb, mostly. Oak and Click the link  for the usual woods I use, but you can add thin stringers of maple, redwood, mahogany, whatever to give it some color and variety.

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