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Jayson Sutcliffe
Optioned by Hollywood Producer.  

Official home to world champion roller skater, Jayson Sutcliffe...
Writer of autobiography 'Rolaboi' and Co-Director on feature documentary 'Rollerboy'. 

NEWS: Feb 26, 2020: TALEFLICK - Jayson talks to TaleFlick about being signed to Hollywood.
NEWS: Feb 12, 2020: VARIETY - TaleFlick partners with Harper Collins - highlights 'Rolaboi' being optioned.

NEWS: Feb 12, 2020: FILMINK talks exclusively with 'Rollerboy' after being optioned by Hollywood Producer.

NEWS: Jan 11, 2020: Winner of the TaleFlick Discover 'Book to Film' competition in L.A for his book ROLABOI.  

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