Being a figure skating trainer is what I have known and done since I was 17 years old. It's my life and to be named '2013 Coach of the Year' by Skate Australia was an award 22 years in the making. 

My work is conducted in two venues in Melbourne, while I regularly participate in National and International seminars and workshops, sharing the knowledge with other skaters and coaches around the world. 

"Coaching is my life.. It's what I've known & do"...

2013 National Championships Opening Ceremony: 

Awarded 'Coach of the Year' 
by Skate Australia. 


Currently I am pursuing avenues in to the world of Ice Figure Skating, its an alternative world of mine where the creative urges collide. My experiences on ice have lead to this extension in my coaching and I hope to obtain accreditation in 2014/15. ​My accreditation status for roller figure skating with Skate Australia is 'Elite'.  


Having taught for more than 20 years, there have been many skaters I have coached who have gone on to be State, National and International champions, also winning medals at world championships, with a clear focus now on my team of skaters made up of both beginner and advanced levels. 

Seminars & workshops.. 

I am available for workshops/seminars locally, nationally and internationally. Touring with Italian trainer Cristina Moretti around Australia, NZ & USA to assist with the development of our sport has been an incredible experience and boost for our athletes. For further information regarding this kind of work, please do not hesitate to contact me [here].


Lesons locally are also available at Caribbean Rollerama or Sk8house, however availability is limited at this moment due to my schedule.


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