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From finding a pair of rusty roller skates in a garage, Jayson Sutcliffe went on to become world champion in his sport, overcoming trial and hardship, bias and abuse and the untimely death of his beloved brother. Jayson was the first artistic roller skater from Australia to win an individual medal at a Word Championship and went on to make history by becoming the first skater ever to win a world title on both roller and in line skates for figure skating.

Rolaboi, Renegade Skater

Paperback: 316 pages

Publisher: Zeus Publications;

1st edition (November 1, 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1921005017

ISBN-13: 978-1921005015

"an emotional journey .. a heart warming journey" -- Testimonial, Melissa George: Actor
"honest and endearing" -- 
Testimonial, Luke Dennehy: Herald Sun News

'Rolaboi' WINS in L.A 

Rolaboi was selected to compete in the TaleFlick Discovery 'Book to Film' competition January 8-11, 2020. The winning announcement was made early today after an overwhelming showing of support from around the world by the skating world and fans of the book. As a part of the winning prize, the author, Jayson, will be introduced to industry executives in Hollywood. 


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When my best friend gave me an autobiography as a gift for Christmas three years ago, my first thought was, ‘I don’t really read much’. Then, after reading only three chapters, I soon found myself at a desk enthusiastically tapping away on a keyboard, recounting my own life story. Not for a second did I envisage having the work published, it was purely an outlet to find clarity in my life at the time.


Writing provided many answers to unanswered questions I had as a child, and as an adult. The exploration required to document the past is no easy task. In fact, it has been a combination of both, pain and passion, whilst at the same time being overwhelming, and exhilarating. I soon learnt that my life hasn’t been all roses, not at all. Sure, there have been highs, extreme mountain tops in fact, yet there have been considerable lows, lows that have given me guidance and knowledge that only failure can bring.


My involvement in a unique and obscure sport, like artistic roller skating, was never questionable when I first took to wheels. It was a sport, like any other, and extremely popular at the time, it was the 80`s after all. Being different, on the other hand, was questionable. Was I, or wasn’t I different? Who had the answers? And what was so different about me? That was what I was in search of, and about to learn, it was what the sport revealed, a side of me, both my family, and I, had never known or experienced.

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