"Skating has defined me as a person.. its who I am, Rollerboy"...

Roller skating has been a way of life for Jayson Sutcliffe, but his love of the sport has diversified unlike any other, excelling not only on traditional 'quad' roller skates, but also on inline roller blades and, yes... ICE!  


Johnny Weir (Olympian) & Jayson Sutcliffe - Ice & Roller boy's meet for the first time.. 

Training during the #TFC Triple Flip 10 day challenge 

Not content with winning a world title on roller skates during the peak of his career, Sutcliffe was challenged by the newly designed roller blades for figure skating and went on to win two more world titles. 


Jayson has also considered 'crossing over' into the world of Ice 'figure skating' and was determined to prove that his technical skills on wheels could easily transition on to the ice blades. He hopes within 2014 that his work can make its way into the Ice Arena and ultimately achieve a long term goal of training an athlete to compete at the Olympic Games. 

Roller, Inline & Ice... 

Jayson demonstrates how similar the techniques are of a 'triple jump' between the three disciplines.. 

The #TFC


When approached by Skate company 'SKATETRADER.COM.AU' in 2013 with a challenge that was seemingly impossible... 

"Sharon from Skatetrader challenged me to do a 'triple flip jump' within 10 days, and at first I thought, 'no way', but then I felt that competitive rush and wanted to go for it". 

No pain, no gain...

By Day 4 things were starting to become a reality, that there was going to be a lot of falls! 


Fear had really set in by this stage, the double jumps seemed so effortless, but that extra rotation to make a double into a triple was what really sent the shivers up my spine.. it has been TEN YEARS since I've done this jump on

You can do it... 

By Day 10 of this challenge, it became obvious that the focus of this had shifted, from me landing the jump, to actually what it was doing for my team, my skaters and our sport.. There was a real sense of support and comrardarie, everyone was in this together. I wanted to prove to them regardless of the outcome, no matter what, the reward was in the fight for it.. the challenge!  

Jayson's career on the international stage began 1985 at the age of 15 in Italy at the Senior world championships, ranking 9th out of 42. It wasn't easy from there and it wasn't until 1990 that he shifted into gear and won his first individual medal, ranking him No.2 in the world. Fast forward five years and five more world medals and his dream of becoming a world champion is reailsed in Giron, Colombia, alongside fellow Australian, Tammy Bryant. Not to be outdone, he came home with two gold medals (men's freeskating, and men's combined figures/freeskating overall). 

the work.. 

1992 World Championships, Tampa FL. After placing 6th in the short program, Jayson skates for his life to win the silver medal. 

Between 1985 and 2005, Jayson's twenty year stint on the 'world competitive circuit' saw him accumulate no less than 13 Top 3 rankings (medals), four of them being Gold. He was inducted into the Skate Australia 'Hall of Fame' in 1996 and received Life Membership's to Skate Victoria & Caribbean Roller-skating in recognition of his achievement and contribution to the sport of roller figure skating. 

Sk8 Gallery.. 

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